eoIntNoBounds Class Reference

A default class for unbounded variables. More...

#include <eoIntBounds.h>

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eoIntBounds eoPersistent eoPrintable

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool isBounded (void) const
 Self-Test: true if ***both*** a min and a max.
virtual bool hasNoBoundAtAll (void) const
 Self-Test: true if no min ***and*** no max hence no further need to test/truncate/fold anything.
virtual bool isMinBounded (void) const
 Self-Test: bounded from below???
virtual bool isMaxBounded (void) const
 Self-Test: bounded from above???
virtual void foldsInBounds (double &) const
 Put value back into bounds - by folding back and forth.
virtual void truncate (double &) const
 Put value back into bounds - by truncating to a boundary value.
virtual bool isInBounds (double) const
 Test on a value: is it in bounds?
virtual long int minimum () const
 get minimum value std::exception if does not exist
virtual long int maximum () const
 get maximum value std::exception if does not exist
virtual long int range () const
 get range std::exception if unbounded
virtual double uniform (eoRng &_rng=eo::rng) const
 random generator of uniform numbers in bounds uses same naming convention than eo::rng std::exception if unbounded
virtual long int random (eoRng &_rng=eo::rng) const
virtual void readFrom (std::istream &_is)
 Read object.
virtual void printOn (std::ostream &_os) const
 Write object.
virtual eoIntBoundsdup () const
 for memory managements - ugly

Detailed Description

A default class for unbounded variables.

Definition at line 151 of file eoIntBounds.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void eoIntNoBounds::readFrom ( std::istream &  _is) [inline, virtual]

Read object.

_isA std::istream. but reading should not be done here, because of bound problems see eoIntVectorBounds

Implements eoPersistent.

Definition at line 198 of file eoIntBounds.h.

virtual void eoIntNoBounds::printOn ( std::ostream &  _os) const [inline, virtual]

Write object.

It's called printOn since it prints the object on a stream.

_osA std::ostream.

Implements eoPrintable.

Definition at line 209 of file eoIntBounds.h.

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