edoNormalMulti< EOT > Class Template Reference

A multi-normal distribution, that models co-variances. More...

#include <edoNormalMulti.h>

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edoDistrib< EOT >

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Public Types

typedef EOT::AtomType AtomType
typedef Eigen::Matrix
< AtomType, Eigen::Dynamic, 1 > 
typedef Eigen::Matrix
< AtomType, Eigen::Dynamic,
Eigen::Dynamic > 

Public Member Functions

 edoNormalMulti (unsigned int dim=1)
 edoNormalMulti (const Vector &mean, const Matrix &varcovar)
unsigned int size ()
Vector mean () const
Matrix varcovar () const

Private Attributes

Vector _mean
Matrix _varcovar

Detailed Description

template<typename EOT>
class edoNormalMulti< EOT >

A multi-normal distribution, that models co-variances.

Defines a mean vector and a co-variances matrix.

Exists in two implementations, using either Boost::uBLAS (if compiled WITH_BOOST) or Eigen3 (WITH_EIGEN).

Definition at line 72 of file edoNormalMulti.h.

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