edoSampler< D > Class Template Reference

Base class for samplers. More...

#include <edoSampler.h>

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edoSamplerNormalAdaptive< EOT, D > edoSamplerNormalMono< EOT, D > edoSamplerNormalMulti< EOT, D > edoSamplerUniform< EOT, D >

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Public Types

typedef D::EOType EOType

Public Member Functions

 edoSampler (edoRepairer< EOType > &repairer)
EOType operator() (D &distrib)

Protected Member Functions

virtual EOType sample (D &)=0

Private Attributes

edoBounderNo< EOType > _dummy_repairer
edoRepairer< EOType > & _repairer
 repairer functor

Detailed Description

template<typename D>
class edoSampler< D >

Base class for samplers.

The functor here is already implemented: it first sample an EOT from the given distribution, and then apply the given repairers (if set).

Thus, the function that need to be overloaded is "sample", unlike most of EO functors.

Definition at line 54 of file edoSampler.h.

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