eoBestFitnessStat< EOT > Class Template Reference

Best fitness of a population. More...

#include <eoStat.h>

Inheritance diagram for eoBestFitnessStat< EOT >:
eoStat< EOT, EOT::Fitness > eoValueParam< EOT::Fitness > eoStatBase< EOT > eoParam eoUF< const eoPop< EOT > &, void > eoFunctorBase unary_function

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struct  CmpFitness

Public Types

typedef EOT::Fitness Fitness

Public Member Functions

 eoBestFitnessStat (std::string _description="Best ")
void operator() (const eoPop< EOT > &_pop)
 The pure virtual function that needs to be implemented by the subclass.
virtual std::string className (void) const

Private Member Functions

template<class T >
void doit (const eoPop< EOT > &_pop, T)

Detailed Description

template<class EOT>
class eoBestFitnessStat< EOT >

Best fitness of a population.

Fitness can be:

  • double
  • eoMinimizingFitness or eoMaximizingFitness

( For eoScalarFitnessAssembled look at eoAssembledFitnessStat )

t-eoSSGA.cpp, and t-eoSymreg.cpp.

Definition at line 310 of file eoStat.h.

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