eoF< R > Class Template Reference

Basic Function. More...

#include <eoFunctor.h>

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Public Types

typedef R result_type
 the return type - probably useless ....

Public Member Functions

virtual ~eoF ()
 virtual dtor here so there is no need to define it in derived classes
virtual R operator() ()=0
 The pure virtual function that needs to be implemented by the subclass.

Static Public Member Functions

static eoFunctorBase::procedure_tag functor_category ()
 tag to identify a procedure in compile time function selection

Detailed Description

template<class R>
class eoF< R >

Basic Function.

Derive from this class when defining any procedure. It defines a result_type that can be used to determine the return type Argument and result types can be any type including void for result_type

Definition at line 74 of file eoFunctor.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<class R>
static eoFunctorBase::procedure_tag eoF< R >::functor_category ( ) [inline, static]

tag to identify a procedure in compile time function selection

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Definition at line 88 of file eoFunctor.h.

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