eoFDCStat< EOT > Class Template Reference

The Fitness Distance Correlation computation. More...

#include <eoFDCStat.h>

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eoStat< EOT, double > eoValueParam< double > eoStatBase< EOT > eoParam eoUF< const eoPop< EOT > &, void > eoFunctorBase unary_function

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Public Member Functions

 eoFDCStat (eoDistance< EOT > &_dist, std::string _description="FDC")
 Ctor without the optimum.
 eoFDCStat (eoDistance< EOT > &_dist, EOT &_theBest, std::string _description="FDC")
 Ctor with the optimum.
virtual void operator() (const eoPop< EOT > &_pop)
 Compute the FDC - either from best in pop, or from absolute best if it was passed in the constructor.
const eoValueParam
< std::vector< double > > & 
theDist ()
 accessors to the private eoValueParam<std::vector<double> >
const eoValueParam
< std::vector< double > > & 
theFit ()

Private Attributes

eoDistance< EOT > & dist
EOT theBest
bool boolOpt
eoValueParam< std::vector
< double > > 
eoValueParam< std::vector
< double > > 

Detailed Description

template<class EOT>
class eoFDCStat< EOT >

The Fitness Distance Correlation computation.

Stores the values into eoValueParam<EOT,double> so they can be snapshot by some eoGnuplotSnapshot ...

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