eoLinearDecreasingWeightUp< WeightType, StopCriteriaType > Class Template Reference

Linear (inertia) weight updater for particle swarm optimization. More...

#include <eoLinearDecreasingWeightUp.h>

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eoWeightUpdater< WeightType > eoUF< WeightType &, void > eoFunctorBase unary_function

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Public Member Functions

 eoLinearDecreasingWeightUp (const StopCriteriaType &_stop, const WeightType &_initialValue, const WeightType &_finalValue, eoValueParam< StopCriteriaType > &_counter)
void operator() (WeightType &_weight)
 Update the given weight.

Protected Attributes

const StopCriteriaType & stop
const WeightType & initialValue
const WeightType finalValue
eoValueParam< StopCriteriaType > & counter

Detailed Description

template<class WeightType, class StopCriteriaType>
class eoLinearDecreasingWeightUp< WeightType, StopCriteriaType >

Linear (inertia) weight updater for particle swarm optimization.

Update a weight according to: w(t)=(w(0)-w(Nt))*(Nt -t)/Nt + w(Nt) where t is the current generation/event Nt is the total number of generations/event w(0) is the initial weight w(Nt) is the last inertia weight

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