eoNeighborhood< POT > Class Template Reference

Abstract class for neighborboods. More...

#include <eoNeighborhood.h>

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eoSocialNeighborhood< POT >

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Public Member Functions

virtual void put (unsigned _oneIndice)=0
virtual bool contains (unsigned _oneIndice)=0
virtual unsigned size ()=0
virtual unsigned get (unsigned _index)=0
virtual POT & best ()=0
virtual void best (POT _particle)=0
virtual ~eoNeighborhood ()
 Virtual dtor.

Detailed Description

template<class POT>
class eoNeighborhood< POT >

Abstract class for neighborboods.

Used for particle swarm optimization topology strategies. Can be social or physical.

Definition at line 35 of file eoNeighborhood.h.

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