eoOp< EOType > Class Template Reference

Abstract data types for EO operators. More...

#include <eoOp.h>

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Public Types

enum  OpType { unary = 0, binary = 1, quadratic = 2, general = 3 }

Public Member Functions

 eoOp (OpType _type)
 eoOp (const eoOp &_eop)
 Copy Ctor.
virtual ~eoOp ()
 Needed virtual destructor.
OpType getType () const
 getType: number of operands it takes and individuals it produces

Private Attributes

OpType opType
 OpType is the type of the operator: how many operands it takes and how many it produces.

Detailed Description

template<class EOType>
class eoOp< EOType >

Abstract data types for EO operators.

Genetic operators act on chromosomes, changing them. The type to use them on is problem specific. If your genotype is a std::vector<bool>, there are operators that work specifically on std::vector<bool>, but you might also find that generic operators working on std::vector<T> are what you need.

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