eoParam Class Reference

eoParam: Base class for monitoring and parsing parameters More...

#include <eoParam.h>

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eoValueParam< ValueType > eoValueParam< double > eoValueParam< EOT::Fitness > eoValueParam< ParamType > eoValueParam< std::pair< double, double > > eoValueParam< std::string > eoValueParam< std::vector< double > > eoValueParam< std::vector< EOT::Fitness > > eoValueParam< std::vector< FitT > > eoValueParam< std::vector< PartFitT > > eoValueParam< std::vector< WorthT > > eoValueParam< T > eoValueParam< unsigned > eoValueParam< unsigned int > eoValueParam< unsigned long > ParamWrapper ValueParam

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Public Member Functions

 eoParam ()
 Empty constructor - called from outside any parser.
 eoParam (std::string _longName, std::string _default, std::string _description, char _shortName=0, bool _required=false)
 Construct a Param.
virtual ~eoParam ()
 Virtual destructor is needed.
virtual std::string getValue () const =0
 Pure virtual function to get the value out.
virtual void setValue (const std::string &_value)=0
 Pure virtual function to set the value.
char shortName () const
 Returns the short name.
const std::string & longName () const
 Returns the long name.
const std::string & description () const
 Returns the description of the argument.
const std::string & defValue () const
 Returns the default value of the argument.
void defValue (const std::string &str)
 Sets the default value of the argument,.
void setLongName (std::string _longName)
 ALlows to change the name (see the prefix in eoParser.h)
bool required () const
 Returns if required or not.

Private Attributes

std::string repLongName
std::string repDefault
std::string repDescription
char repShortHand
bool repRequired

Detailed Description

eoParam: Base class for monitoring and parsing parameters

Definition at line 51 of file eoParam.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

eoParam::eoParam ( std::string  _longName,
std::string  _default,
std::string  _description,
char  _shortName = 0,
bool  _required = false 
) [inline]

Construct a Param.

_longNameLong name of the argument
_defaultThe default value
_descriptionDescription of the parameter. What is useful for.
_shortNameShort name of the argument (Optional)
_requiredIf it is a necessary parameter or not

Definition at line 69 of file eoParam.h.

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