eoSimpleEDA< EOT > Class Template Reference

A very simple Estimation of Distribution Algorithm. More...

#include <eoSimpleEDA.h>

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eoEDA< EOT > eoUF< eoDistribution< EOT > &, void > eoFunctorBase unary_function

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Public Member Functions

 eoSimpleEDA (eoDistribUpdater< EOT > &_update, eoEvalFunc< EOT > &_eval, unsigned _popSize, eoContinue< EOT > &_continuator)
 Ctor from an eoDistribUpdater, plus an eoEval and eoContinue of course.
virtual void operator() (eoDistribution< EOT > &_distrib)
 The algorithm: generate pop from distrib, evaluate pop, update distrib.

Private Attributes

eoDistribUpdater< EOT > & update
eoEvalFunc< EOT > & eval
unsigned popSize
eoContinue< EOT > & continuator

Detailed Description

template<class EOT>
class eoSimpleEDA< EOT >

A very simple Estimation of Distribution Algorithm.

The algorithm that evolves a probability distribution on the spaces of populations with the loop generate a population from the current distribution evaluate that population update the distribution

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