eoSubtreeXOver< FType, Node > Class Template Reference

eoSubtreeXOver --> subtree xover More...

#include <gp/eoParseTreeOp.h>

Inheritance diagram for eoSubtreeXOver< FType, Node >:
eoQuadOp< eoParseTree< FType, Node > > eoOp< eoParseTree< FType, Node > > eoBF< eoParseTree< FType, Node > &, eoParseTree< FType, Node > &, bool > eoFunctorBase binary_function

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Public Types

typedef eoParseTree< FType, Node > EoType

Public Member Functions

 eoSubtreeXOver (unsigned _max_length)
virtual std::string className () const
 the ckassname
virtual ~eoSubtreeXOver ()
bool operator() (EoType &_eo1, EoType &_eo2)
 Perform crossover on two individuals param _eo1 The first parent individual param _eo2 The second parent individual.

Private Attributes

unsigned max_length

Detailed Description

template<class FType, class Node>
class eoSubtreeXOver< FType, Node >

eoSubtreeXOver --> subtree xover


Definition at line 42 of file eoParseTreeOp.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class FType , class Node >
eoSubtreeXOver< FType, Node >::eoSubtreeXOver ( unsigned  _max_length) [inline]


_max_lengththe maximum size of an individual

Definition at line 50 of file eoParseTreeOp.h.

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