Global logger for EO. More...


class  eoLogger
 eoLogger Class providing a verbose management through EO Use of a global variable eo::log to easily use the logger like std::cout More...


void make_verbose (eoParser &)
 make_verbose gets level of verbose and sets it in eoLogger

Detailed Description

Global logger for EO.

Here's an example explaning how to use eoLogger:

    #include <eo>

    int main(int ac, char** av)
    // We are declaring the usual eoParser class
    eoParser parser(ac, av);

    // This call is important to allow -v parameter to change user level.

    // At this time we are switching to warning message and messages
    // which are going to follow it are going to be warnings message too.
    // These messages can be displayed only if the user level (sets with
    // eo::setlevel function) is set to eo::warnings.
    eo::log << eo::warnings;

    // With the following eo::file function we are defining that
    // all future logs are going to this new file resource which is
    // test.txt
    eo::log << eo::file("test.txt") << "In FILE" << std::endl;

    // Now we are changing again the resources destination to cout which
    // is the standard output.
    eo::log << std::cout << "In COUT" << std::endl;

    // Here are 2 differents examples of how to set the errors user level
    // in using either a string or an identifier.
    eo::log << eo::setlevel("errors");
    eo::log << eo::setlevel(eo::errors);

    // Now we are writting a message, that will be displayed only if we are above the "quiet" level
    eo::log << eo::quiet << "1) Must be in quiet mode to see that" << std::endl;

    // And so on...
    eo::log << eo::setlevel(eo::warnings) << eo::warnings << "2) Must be in warnings mode to see that" << std::endl;

    eo::log << eo::setlevel(eo::logging);

    eo::log << eo::errors;
    eo::log << "3) Must be in errors mode to see that";
    eo::log << std::endl;

    eo::log << eo::debug << 4 << ')'
    << " Must be in debug mode to see that\n";

    return 0;
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