Todo List
Namespace eo::mpi
For serialization purposes, don't depend upon boost. It would be easy to use only eoserial and send strings via mpi.
Member eo::mpi::AssignmentAlgorithm::reinit (int runs)=0
Not really clean. Find a better way to do it.
Class eoCMABreed< FitT >
handle bounds
Class eoCMAInit< FitT >
handle bounds
Member eoEsChromInit< EOT >::create_self_adapt (eoEsStdev< FitT > &result)
Should we scale sigmas to the corresponding object variable range?
Class eoFileSnapshot
The counter is handled internally, but this should be changed so that you can pass e.g. an evalcounter (minor)
Member eoFlOrKAtomBinOp< EOT >::operator() (EOT &_eo1, const EOT &_eo2)
check that we don't do twice the same
Member eoFlOrKAtomQuadOp< EOT >::operator() (EOT &_eo1, const EOT &_eo2)
check that we don't do twice the same
Member eoGenContinue< EOT >::totalGenerations (unsigned long _tg)
replace this by an "init" method
Member eoNPtsBitXover< Chrom >::num_points
Document this data member
Member eoOStreamMonitor::operator() (void)
old verbose formatting, do we still need it?
Member eoParser::getValue (eoParam &_param) const
check environment, just long names
Member eoParser::readFrom (std::istream &is)
it should be the next string
Member eoSteadyFitContinue< EOT >::totalGenerations (unsigned long _mg, unsigned long _sg)
replace thi by an init method ?
Class eoValueParam< ValueType >
This should be changed to std::stringstream when that class is available in g++.
Member eoVlUniformQuadOp< EOT >::operator() (EOT &_eo1, EOT &_eo2)
FIXME bad hardcoded limit, should use an algorithm that guarantee a correct size in a finite number of tries
Member gp_parse_tree::parse_tree< T >::subtree::node_allocator
use the std::allocator interface
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