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#include <edoEDASA.h>

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edoAlgo< D >

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Public Types

typedef D::EOType EOType
 Alias for the type EOT.
typedef EOType::AtomType AtomType
 Alias for the atom type.
typedef EOType::Fitness Fitness
 Alias for the fitness.

Public Member Functions

 edoEDASA (eoSelect< EOType > &selector, edoEstimator< D > &estimator, eoSelectOne< EOType > &selectone, edoModifierMass< D > &modifier, edoSampler< D > &sampler, eoContinue< EOType > &pop_continue, edoContinue< D > &distribution_continue, eoEvalFunc< EOType > &evaluation, moContinuator< moDummyNeighbor< EOType > > &sa_continue, moCoolingSchedule< EOType > &cooling_schedule, double initial_temperature, eoReplacement< EOType > &replacor)
 edoEDASA constructor
void operator() (eoPop< EOType > &pop)
 function that launches the EDASA algorithm.

Private Attributes

eoSelect< EOType > & _selector
 A EOType selector.
edoEstimator< D > & _estimator
 A EOType estimator. It is going to estimate distribution parameters.
eoSelectOne< EOType > & _selectone
edoModifierMass< D > & _modifier
 A D modifier.
edoSampler< D > & _sampler
 A D sampler.
eoContinue< EOType > & _pop_continue
 A EOType population continuator.
edoContinue< D > & _distribution_continue
 A D continuator.
eoEvalFunc< EOType > & _evaluation
 A full evaluation function.
moContinuator< moDummyNeighbor
< EOType > > & 
 Stopping criterion before temperature update.
moCoolingSchedule< EOType > & _cooling_schedule
 The cooling schedule.
double _initial_temperature
 Initial temperature.
eoReplacement< EOType > & _replacor
 A EOType replacor.

Detailed Description

template<typename D>
class edoEDASA< D >

edoEDASA< D >

Definition at line 45 of file edoEDASA.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename D>
edoEDASA< D >::edoEDASA ( eoSelect< EOType > &  selector,
edoEstimator< D > &  estimator,
eoSelectOne< EOType > &  selectone,
edoModifierMass< D > &  modifier,
edoSampler< D > &  sampler,
eoContinue< EOType > &  pop_continue,
edoContinue< D > &  distribution_continue,
eoEvalFunc< EOType > &  evaluation,
moContinuator< moDummyNeighbor< EOType > > &  sa_continue,
moCoolingSchedule< EOType > &  cooling_schedule,
double  initial_temperature,
eoReplacement< EOType > &  replacor 
) [inline]

edoEDASA constructor

All the boxes used by a EDASA need to be given.

selectorPopulation Selector
estimatorDistribution Estimator
modifierDistribution Modifier
samplerDistribution Sampler
pop_continuePopulation Continuator
distribution_continueDistribution Continuator
evaluationEvaluation function.
sa_continueStopping criterion.
cooling_scheduleCooling schedule, describes how the temperature is modified.
initial_temperatureThe initial temperature.
replacorPopulation replacor

Definition at line 76 of file edoEDASA.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename D>
void edoEDASA< D >::operator() ( eoPop< EOType > &  pop) [inline]

function that launches the EDASA algorithm.

As a moTS or a moHC, the EDASA can be used for HYBRIDATION in an evolutionary algorithm.

popA population to improve.

Definition at line 111 of file edoEDASA.h.

References edoEDASA< D >::_cooling_schedule, edoEDASA< D >::_distribution_continue, edoEDASA< D >::_estimator, edoEDASA< D >::_evaluation, edoEDASA< D >::_initial_temperature, edoEDASA< D >::_modifier, edoEDASA< D >::_pop_continue, edoEDASA< D >::_replacor, edoEDASA< D >::_sa_continue, edoEDASA< D >::_sampler, edoEDASA< D >::_selectone, and edoEDASA< D >::_selector.

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