eoGnuplot1DSnapshot Class Reference

Plot stats through gnuplot. More...

#include <eoGnuplot1DSnapshot.h>

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eoFileSnapshot eoGnuplot eoMonitor eoF< eoMonitor & > eoFunctorBase

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Public Member Functions

 eoGnuplot1DSnapshot (std::string _dirname, unsigned _frequency=1, std::string _filename="gen", std::string _delim=" ", unsigned _counter=0, bool _rmFiles=true)
 eoGnuplot1DSnapshot (std::string _dirname, eoRealVectorBounds &_bounds, unsigned _frequency=1, std::string _filename="gen", std::string _delim=" ", unsigned _counter=0, bool _rmFiles=true)
 eoGnuplot1DSnapshot (eoFileSnapshot &_fSnapshot)
 eoGnuplot1DSnapshot (eoFileSnapshot &_fSnapshot, eoRealVectorBounds &_bounds)
virtual eoMonitoroperator() ()
 The operator(void): opens the std::ostream and calls the write method.
virtual std::string className () const
 Class name.
virtual void handleBounds (eoRealVectorBounds &_bounds)
void setPointSize (unsigned _pointSize)

Protected Attributes

unsigned pointSize

Detailed Description

Plot stats through gnuplot.

Marc Schoenauer 2000

This class plots through gnuplot the eoStat given as argument

Assumes that the same file is re-written every so and so, and plots it from scratch everytime it's called

Definition at line 53 of file eoGnuplot1DSnapshot.h.

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