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The abstract monitor class is a std::vector of parameter pointers. More...

#include <eoMonitor.h>

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eoF< eoMonitor & > eoFunctorBase eoFileMonitor eoFileSnapshot eoOStreamMonitor eoTimedMonitor MonitorWrapper eoGnuplot1DMonitor eoFDCFileSnapshot< EOT > eoGnuplot1DSnapshot eoStdoutMonitor

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Public Member Functions

virtual void lastCall ()
virtual void add (const eoParam &_param)
 Adds a parameter to the monitor.
virtual std::string className (void) const
template<class EOT >
eoMonitoraddTo (eoCheckPoint< EOT > &cp)

Protected Types

typedef std::vector< const
eoParam * >::iterator 

Protected Attributes

std::vector< const eoParam * > vec

Detailed Description

The abstract monitor class is a std::vector of parameter pointers.

Use either push_back a pointer or add a reference to a parameter. Derived classes will then implement the operator()(void) which will stream or pipe the current values of the parameters to wherever you want it streamed or piped to.

Definition at line 58 of file eoMonitor.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void eoMonitor::add ( const eoParam _param) [inline, virtual]

Adds a parameter to the monitor.

It is virtual so you can do some type checking in derived classes if you must.

Reimplemented in eoFileSnapshot, and eoFDCFileSnapshot< EOT >.

t-eoSSGA.cpp, and t-eoSymreg.cpp.

Definition at line 68 of file eoMonitor.h.

Referenced by do_make_checkpoint(), and do_make_checkpoint_assembled().

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